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Bygone Beauties: A Select Series of Ten Portraits of Ladies of Rank and Fashion....From Paintings by John Hoppner...Engraved by Charles Wilkins; Annotated by Andrew W. Tuer.

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  • Society or High Rank, English

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1B14403Lady Charlotte Duncombe
2B14404Viscountess St. Asaph
3B14405Lady Charlotte Campbell
4B14406Jane Elizabeth, Viscountess Andover
5B14407Lady Gertrude Villiers
6B14408Lady Langham
7B14409The Countess of Euston
8B14410Lady Catherine Howard
9B14411The Duchess of Rutland
10B14412Lady Gertrude Fitzpatrick


  1. John Hoppner, Charles Wilkin, and Andrew White Tuer · Author


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