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Women of Europe in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries.

  • queens and royalty, Europe

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1B22268Vol. I. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Etc.: Margaret of Denmark
2B22269Elizabeth of Holstein
3B22271Ingegerd, Canute’s Daughter
4B22272Elizabeth of Brunswick
5B22273Philippa of Lancaster
6B22274Katharine of Saxony
7B22275Ingeborg of Holstein
8B22276Katharine, Charles’s Daughter
9B27357Part II Russia...Poland: Eudoxia of Suzdal
10B22277Anna of Masovia
11B22278Juliana of Olszany
12B22279Sophia of Lithuania
13B22280Daughters of Louis the Great: Mary of Hungary
14B22282Daughters of Louis the Great: Hedwig of Hungary
15B22283Anna of Poland
16B22284Hedwig of Poland
17B22285Elizabeth of Pilcza
18B22286Sophia of Olszany
19B22287Alexandra of Lithuania
20B27358Vol. II. Germany and Hungary. Sophia of Bavaria
21B27359Barbara of Cily
22B27360Elizabeth of Luxemburg
23B27361Part II: Germany. Elizabeth of Nuremberg and Blanche of Lancaster
24B27362Margaret of Bavaria
25B27363Maud of Savoy
26B27368Henrietta of Montbéliard and Anna of Wirtemburg
27B27367Margaret of Berg
28B27364Anna of Schwarzburg and Katherine of Brunswick
29B27365Margaret of Schwangau, Sabrina Jager, Anna of Brunswick
30B27366Agnes Bernauer


  1. Sophia Elizabeth Higgins · Author


  1. London: Hurst & Blackett, 1885