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Our Presidents and Their Mothers.

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1B13993George Washington and Mary Ball
2B13994John Adams and Susannah Boylston
3B13995Thomas Jefferson and Jane Randolph
4B13996James Madison and Nelly Conway
5B13997James Monroe and Eliza Jones
6B13998John Quincy Adams and Abigail Smith
7B13999Andrew Jackson and Elizabeth Hutchinson
8B14000Martin Van Buren and Mary Hoes
9B14001William H. Harrison and Elizabeth Bassett
10B14002John Tyler and Mary Armistead
11B14003James K. Polk and Jane Knox
12B14004Zachary Taylor and Sarah Strother
13B14005Millard Fillmore and Phere Millard
14B14006Franklin Pierce and Anna Kendrick
15B14007James Buchanan and Elizabeth Speer
16B14008Abraham Lincoln and Nancy Hanks
17B14009Andrew Johnson and Mary McDonough
18B14010Ulysses S. Grant and Hannah Simpson
19B14011Rutherford B. Hays and Sophia Birchard
20B14012James A. Garfield and Eliza Ballou
21B14013Chester A. Arthur and Melvina Stone
22B14014Grover Cleveland and Anne Neal
23B14015Benjamin Harrison and Elizabeth F. Irwin
24B14016William McKinley and Nancy Allison
25B14017Theodore Roosevelt and Martha Bullock
26B14018William Howard Taft and Louise M. Torrey
27B14019Woodrow Wilson and Janet Woodrow
28B14020Warren G. Harding and Phoebe Elizabeth Dickerson


  1. Honorable Walter E. Edge · Editor
  2. William Judson Hampton · Author


  1. New York: Aste, 1918
  2. Boston: Cornhill, 1922
  3. New York: Cornhill, 1922