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Women of the Revolutionary Era; or, Some Who Stirred France. With a Photogravure Frontispiece and 16 Other Illustrations in Half-Tone.

  • French
  • national, one era

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1B20426Madame Adelaide and Pompadour
2B20427Madame de Pompadour's Practices
3B20428Pompadour's "Cousin" The Empress
4B20429Pompadour and Three Royal Ladies
5B20430Pompadour as a War Minister
6B20431Pompadour, The Abbe De Bernis and Choiseul
7B20432The Duchesses de Choiseul, de Gramont and Julie
8B20433The Dauphine Maria Josepha
9B20434Madame du Barry
10B20435The Comtesse du Barry at Court
11B20436Madame Legros
12B20437Jeanne de Valois, Comtesse de Lamotte
13B20438Oliva - The Queen?
14B20439Jeanne de Valois and the Diamond Necklace
15B20440Marie Antoinette and Her Favourites
16B20441Marie Antoinette and Her Amusements
17B20442Marie Antoinette and Count Fersen
18B20443Marie Antoinette's Execution
19B20444Theroigne de Mericourt
20B20445Madame Roland
21B20446Madamde Roland Guillotined
22B20447Madame de Stael and the Comte de Narbonne
23B20448Madame de Stael and Benjamin Constant
24B20449Madame de Stael and Bonaparte
25B20450Madame de Stael, "Delphine"
26B20451Madame de Stael and Madame de Recamier
27B20452The Comtesse de Genlis
28B20453Madame de Genlis' Liasion with Philippe Egalite
29B20454Madame de Genlis an Emigree
30B20455Charlotte Corday


  1. Maj. Andrew Charles Parker Haggard · Author


  1. London: Paul, 1914