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The Republican Court; or, American Society in the Days of Washington. With Twenty-One Portraits of Distinguished Women, Engraved from Original Pictures by Woolaston, Copley, Gainsborough, Stuart, Trumbull, Pine, Malbone, and Other Contemporary Painters.

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  • Not=national miscellany
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2B13790The Convention
3B13791The Year of Suspense
4B13792The Triumphal Progress
5B13793The Inauguration
6B13794New York Metropolitan
7B13795The Eastern Tour
8B13796The Season of Eighty-Nine and Ninety
9B13797Removal of the Government
10B13798Society in Philadelphia
11B13799The Southern Tour
12B13800Discontent and Sedition
13B13801Life in the Capital


  1. Rufus Wilmot Griswold · Author


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