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Letters of Royal and Illustrious Ladies of Great Britain, from the commencement of the twelfth century to the close of the reign of Queen Mary.

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1B22071Cecilia Marchioness-dowager of Dorset to Thomas Cromwell
2B22072Elizabeth Newhouse to Mr. Roger Wright
3B22073Anne Treadwell to Henry VIII
4B22074Margaret, Queen of Scotland to Cardinal Wolsey
5B22075Anne Countess Dowager of Oxford to Cardinal Wolsey
6B22076The Same to Duke of Norfolk
7B22077Lady Anne Boleyn to Henry VIII
8B22078Margaret, Queen of Scotland to Henry VIII
9B22079The Same to Cardinal Wolsey
10B22080The Same to Doctor Magnus
11B22081Elizabeth Countess-dowager of Oxford to Cardinal Wolsey
12B22082The Same to the Same
13B22083Agnes Dowager-Duchess of Norfolk to Cardinal Wolsey
14B22084Princess Mary to Cardinal Wolsey
15B22085Isabel Jordan, Abbess of Wilton to Cardinal Wolsey
16B22086Elizabeth Lady Tailbois to Cardinal Wolsey
17B22087The Same to Mr. Thomas Heneage
18B22088Lady Anne Boleyn to Cardinal Wolsey
19B22089The Same to the Same
20B22090Margery Calthorpe, Abbess of Brosyard to Cromwell
21B22091Margaret Vernon to Cromwell
22B22092The Same to the Same
23B22093The Same, as Prioress of Little Marlow, to the Same
24B22094The Same to the Same
25B22095Elizabeth Countess of Kildare to Henry VIII
26B22096The Same to the Earl of Shrewsbury
27B22097Princess Mary to Cromwell
28B22098Anne Countess Dowager of Oxford to Cromwell
29B22099Lady Storkey and the Convent of Stratford to Cromwell
30B22100The Nuns of Stratford to Cromwell
31B22101Margaret Marchioness-dowager of Dorset to Cromwell
32B22102Lady Anne Boleyn to Lady Wingfield
33B22103Honor Viscountess Lisle to Cromwell
34B22104The Same to the Same
35B22105Anne Lady Weston to Lady Lisle
36B22106Honor Viscountess Lisle to Cromwell
37B22107The Same to the Same
38B22108Mary Queen-dowager of France to Viscount Lisle
39B22109Elizabeth Staynings to Lady Lisle
40B22110Elizabeth Lady Wheathell to Lady Lisle
41B22111Elizabeth Hills to Cromwell
42B22112Elizabeth George to her Son, John George
43B22113Gertrude Marchioness of Exeter to Henry VIII
44B22114Catherine Lady Blount to Cromwell
45B22115Margaret Marchioness-dowager of Dorset to Cromwell
46B22116The Same to the Same
47B22117Elizabeth Countess of Worcester to Cromwell
48B22118Anne Countess Dowager of Oxford to Cromwell
49B22119The Same to the Same
50B22120The Same to Secretary Cromwell
51B22121Anne Countess Dowager of Oxford to Cromwell
52B22122Lady Catherine Daubeney to Secretary Cromwell
53B22123Lady Elizabeth Dacres to Lord Dacres
54B22124Margaret Queen of Scotland to Henry VIII
55B22125The Same to Secretary Cromwell
56B22126Jane Basset to Lady Lisle
57B22127The Same to the Same
58B22128The Same to the Same
59B22129The Same to the Same
60B22130The Same to the Same
61B22131Elizabeth Rebe, Abbess of West Malling, to Mr. Thomas Wyat


  1. Mary Anne Everett Green · Editor


  1. London: Colburn, 1846