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Heroines of Scotland.

  • military, heroines of battle
  • national, several periods
  • Scottish

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1B13349Isobel, Countess of Buchan
2B13350Black Agnes of Dunbar
3B13351Margaret Keith, Lady Lyndsay
4B13352Queen Margaret Logie, & Lady Margaret Drummond
5B13353Janet Douglas
6B13354Lady Glammis
7B13355Lilliard of Ancrum
8B13356Fair Helen of Ardoch
9B13357The Ladies Ogilvie of Airlie
10B13358Bessie Bell & Mary Gray
11B13359Anne Keith, Lady Methven
12B13360Isobel Alison of Perth & Marion Harvie of Bo'ness
13B13361Lady Sophia Lindsay


  1. Robert Scott Fittis · Author


  1. London: Paisley/Gardner, 1889
  2. London: Paisley/Gardner, 1899