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Fifty Famous Women and the Lessons of Their Lives: Illustrated with Numerous Wood Engravings. Fifty Famous Women, Their Virtues and Failings and the Lessons of Their Lives.

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1B13284Madame de Lavalette
2B13285Lady Rachel Russell
3B13286the Empress Josephine
4B13287Margaret of Anjou
5B13288Esther Johnson
6B13289Margaret Roper
7B13290Lady Jane Grey
8B13291the Empress Maude
9B13292Charlotte Corday
10B13293Anne Askew
11B13294Lady Arabella Stuart
12B13295Christina of Sweden
13B13296Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough
14B13297Lucy Hutchinson
15B13298Madame Roland
16B13299Grace Darling
17B13300Madame D'Arblay
18B13301Madame de Stael
19B13302Mrs. Chisholm
21B13304Madame de Maintenon
22B13305Ida Pfeiffer
23B13306Mary Queen of Scots
24B13307Maria Theresa
25B13308Queen Louisa of Prussia
26B13309Queen Catherine Parr
27B13310Elizabeth the Holy Maid of Kent
28B13311Dame Eleanor Davies
29B13312Lady Norton
30B13313Elizabeth Burnet
31B13314Mary II
32B13315Joan of Arc
33B13316Isabella of Castille
34B13317Marie Antoinette
35B13318Charlotte Bronte
36B13319Marie de Medicis
37B13320Henrietta Maria
38B13321Joan of Navarre
39B13322Mrs. Fry
40B13323Mrs. Hemans
41B13324Mrs. Unwin
42B13325Frederika Bremer
43B13326Queen Chlothilda
44B13327Queen Elizabeth
45B13328Anne Boleyn
46B13329Queen Anne
47B13330Catherine of Arragon
48B13331Mrs. Elizabeth Carter
49B13332Lady Pakington
50B13333Anne Countess of Winchelsea


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