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Some Beauties of the Seventeenth Century. With 82 Illustrations.

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1B13221The Duchess of Mazarin
2B13222Henrietta, Duchess of Orleans
3B13223The Duchess of Somerset
4B13224The Duchess of Portsmouth
5B13225The Duchess of Richmond
6B13226The Countesses of Falmouth and Rochester
7B13227Lucy Walter
8B13228Mary of Modena
9B13229The Countess of Castlemaine
10B13230The Countess de Gramont
11B13231Nell Gwyn
12B13232The Countess of Shrewsbury
13B13233Anne Temple, Frances Jennings, and Goditha Price
14B13234The Beautiful Myddeltons
15B13235The Countesses of Chesterfield and Southesk
16B13236The Misses Brooke, Miss Fraser, and Miss Lawson
17B13237Mademoiselle de La Vallière, and the Marchioness de Montespan


  1. Allan Fea · Author


  1. London: Methuen, 1906
  2. London: Methuen, 1907