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The National Exposition Souvenir: What America Owes to Woman.

  • multiple biographers, edited collection
  • national, several periods
  • Not=history
  • Not=miscellany (varied genres)

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1B13124What America Owes to Isabella of Castile and Madame La Fayette
2B13125Columbus at Sante Fe
3B13126The Women of Plymouth Colony
4B13127The Lady Arabella
5B13128Puritan Womanhood: A Power in America
6B13129The Women of the American Revolution
7B13130Autobiographical Sketch
8B13131Wives of the Presidents
9B13132Wives and Daughters in the Home
10B13133Domestic Science in American Homes
11B13134Clergymen’s Wives
12B13135The Wives of Army Officers
13B13136The American Salon
14B13137Social Leaders of Washington
15B13138The Southern Women, Past and Present
16B13139Physical Culture of American Women
17B13140The American Girl, Past and Present
18B13141Every-day Women
19B13142Farmers’ Wives and Daughters
20B13143Women in Literature and Poetry
21B13144Women Fiction Writers of America
22B13145Women Journalists in America
23B13146Women in Education and Science
25B13148Women as Teachers
26B13149Massachusetts Normal Schools
27B13150Wellesly College Towards Liberal Education
28B13151An American Queen
29B13152Sketch of Maria Mitchell
30B13153Women’s Work at the Harvard Observatory
31B13154Women’s Progress
32B13155The Work of Women During the War
33B13156Women’s Work for Indians
34B13157The Woman’s Club Movement
35B13158The Influence of Women in American Politics
36B13159Woman’s Work in the Church
37B13160Working Girls’ Clubs
38B13161Woman’s National Christian Temperance Union
39B13162Young Women’s Christian Temperance Work
40B13163Hospitals, Mission Schools, and Other Charities
41B13164Sketch of Dorothea Lynde Dix
42B13165Two Women I have known
43B13166Women in Medicine
44B13167Women in Law
45B13168American Women of the Drama
46B13169Women in Business and Trade
47B13170Queens of the Shop, the Workroom and the Tenement
48B13171Women Clerks in New York
49B13172Women in Art and Music
50B13173Women Artists
51B13174Women Art Patrons
52B13175Address at the Dedicatory Ceremonies
53B13176Ode: Columbia’s Banner
54B13177The Board of Lady Managers
55B13178The Woman’s Branch of the World’s Congress Auxillary
56B13179The Woman’s Building
57B13180The Children’s Building
58B13181Exhibits by Women


  1. Julia Ward Howe · Editor
  2. Mrs. Lydia Hoyt Farmer · Author


  1. Chicago: Charles Wells Moulton, 1893
  2. Buffalo, NY: n.p., 1893