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Facts to Correct Fancies; or, Short Narratives Compiled from the Biography of Remarkable Women. Written for Children, by a Mother

  • young audience

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1B21922Lady Jane Grey
2B21923Lady Anna Halket
3B21924Lady Arundel
4B21925Jane de Mountfort
5B21926Madame Dacier
6B21927Queen Elizabeth
8B21929Mademoiselle Maille
9B21930Mary, Queen of William III
10B21931Martha Glar
11B21932Mademoiselle Delleglace
12B21933Madame Lefort
13B21934Madame St. Belmont
14B21935Madame St. Nectaire
15B21936Helena Lucretia Cornaro
16B21937Inez de la Cruz
17B21938Countess of Leicester
18B21939Joan of Arc
19B21940Madame de Mouchy
20B21941Mademoiselles de Bussy and de Brion


  1. anon0012 · Author


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