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The Mothers of Great Men

  • mothers of great men

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1B13018Introductory remarks
2B13019Natural Evidence
3B13020The Mother of St. Augustine
4B13021The Mother of Alfred the Great
5B13022The Mother of Henry VII
6B13023The Mother of Francis I
7B13024The Mother of Henry IV
8B13025Brief Notices
9B13026The Mother of John Wesley
10B13027The Mother of Napoleon
11B13028The Mother of Cowper
12B13029The Mother of Lord Byron
13B13030The Mothers of Goethe and Richter


  1. V. W. Bromley · Illustrator
  2. Sarah Stickney Ellis · Author


  1. London: Bentley, 1859
  2. London: Chatto & Windus, 1874
  3. Edinburgh: Nimmo, 1883
  4. Edinburgh: Nimmo, 1892
  5. Edinburgh: Nimmo, 1902