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The Souvenir of Western Women.

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1B12649A Few Recollections of a Busy Life
2B12650Crater Lake
3B12651A Legend of Crater Lake
4B12652Narcissa Prentiss Whitman
5B12653Mrs. Whitman's Diary
6B12654The Lewis and Clark Exposition
7B12655The Oregon Grape
8B12656Roman Catholic Women of the Northwest
9B12657Reminiscences of a Trip Across the Plains
10B12658A Brave Life and a Useful One
11B12659Wannetta (a story)
12B12660Moriah Maldon Crain
13B12661Susan B. Anthony's Visits to Oregon
14B12662Life of Mrs. W. H. Gray
15B12663Pioneer Women of Methodism in the Northwest
16B12664Abigail Scott Duniway, Mother and Home Builder
17B12665Charlotte Moffett Cartwright
18B12666Sketch from Life of a Pioneer Minister
19B12667Eliza Spalding Warren
20B12668A Pioneer Country Physician
21B12669St. Mary's Academy, Jacksonville
22B12670Babies of the Pioneers (Poem)
23B12671Some Early Oregon Schools
24B12672Life Sketch of Mrs. Mary A. Denny
25B12673The Dawn of the Sea Wind (a story)
26B12674St. Mary's Academy and College
27B12675Ezra and Lucy Taft Fisher
28B12676Dame Nature's Monument
29B12677The Two Islands
30B12678Sealth and Angeline
31B12679The Allen Preparatory School
32B12680Pioneering in Legislative Halls
33B12681Home Life of Eva Emery Dye
34B12682In the Very Early Days of Oregon
35B12683St. Helen's Hall
36B12684Bishop B. Wistar Morris
37B12685Oregon Conservatory of Music
38B12686Woman's Work Among the Friends or Quakers
39B12687Mrs. Emiline Himes
40B12688Julia (West) Lindsley
41B12689Washington Women's Clubs
42B12690Behnke-Walker Business College
43B12691St. Peter's Church and Its Ivy-Clad Tower
44B12692My Mother's Flower Garden
45B12693Nomenclature of Northwest Mountains
46B12694A Grandmother's Story of Early Days in Washington
47B12695Hill Military Academy, Portland, Oregon
48B12696Early Portland Schools
49B12697Woman Workers of the Episcopal Church
50B12698Helen F. Spalding
51B12699Woman Suffrage in Washington Territory
52B12700Academy of The Holy Names, Seattle, Wash
53B12701Baptist Women in the Pacific Northwest
54B12702Scenic Attractions of the 1905 Exposition
55B12703Raising the Flag Over a Northwest Schoolhouse
56B12704Woman Suffrage in Idaho
57B12705The Ladies' Relief Society
58B12706Illustrative Shorthand
59B12707Women's Club Work in Idaho
60B12708Scenes About the Home of My Childhood
61B12709Frances Fuller Victor
62B12710Seattle Seminary
63B12711The Oregon Women's Flax Industry
64B12712Pine Needle Industry
65B12713St. Teresa's Academy, Boise, Idaho
66B12714Pioneer Days of Mrs. Matilda Frost
67B12715The Mercer Girls
68B12716The Portland Woman's Union
69B12717The College Girl (Poem)
70B12718In Memory of Narcissa White Kinney
71B12719Addison Crandall Gibbs, Oregon's War Governer
72B12720Ontario Then and Now
73B12721Grant County, the Place for Homeseekers
74B12722Portland Academy
75B12723Gillespie School of Expression
76B12724Women in Medicine
77B12725Work of Unitarian Women in the Northwest
78B12726The Baby Home
79B12727The Woman's Christian Temperance Union
80B12728The Woman's Emergency Corps
81B12729What Christianity Has Done for the Indian Woman
82B12730Woman's Clubs in Oregon
83B12731Council of Jewish Women
84B12732A Scrap From an Old Diary
85B12733The Woman on the Farm
86B12734The Woman's Relief Corps
87B12735Mrs. Catherine A. Coburn
88B12736The Homeward March of the Old Pioneers (Poem)
89B12737James Harrison and Lueza Osborn Douthit
90B12738Judge Pratt in Bedticking
91B12739Domestic Science
92B12740Roads and Railways -- Early History
93B12741Mineral Springs, Nature's Health Reservoirs
94B12742The Visiting Nurse Association
95B12743The Newill Reverview Academy
96B12744Sacajawea, the Birdwoman
97B12745The Spirit of the Pioneer Mother
98B12746Women on Public Boards
99B12747Home Life of Chinese Women in the West
100B12748The Young Women's Christian Association
101B12749Kindergarten in the Northwest
102B12750Art in the Northwest
103B12751Life in a Mining Camp
104B12752Some Things About the Pacific Monthly
105B12753Honor Where Honor is Due


  1. Mary Osborn Douthit · Editor


  1. Portland, OR: Anderson & Duniway, 1905