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Women of ‘Ninety-Eight

  • Irish
  • national, one era
  • patriots, war effort
  • Wives of Great Men

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1B12250The Mothers of 'Ninety-Eight
2B12251The Mother of the Emmets
3B12252The Mother of Lord Edward Fitzgerald
4B12253The Mother of the Sheareses
5B12254The Mother of the Teelings
6B12255The Wives of 'Ninety-Eight
7B12256The Wife of Theobold Wolfe Tone
8B12257The Wife of Thomas Addis Emmet
9B12258The Wife of Samuel Neilson
10B12259The Wife of Lord Edward Fitzgerald
11B12260The Sister of Henry Joy McCracken
12B12261Some Other Sisters of 'Ninety-Eight
13B12262Mary Anne Emmet
14B12263Mary Tone
15B12264Lady Lucy Fitzgerald
16B12265Julia Sheares
17B12266Miss Byrne
18B12267Miss Teeling
19B12268Miss Hazlett
20B12269Sarah Curran and Anne Devlin
21B12270Some Other Romances of 'Ninety-Eight
22B12271Some Heroines of 'Ninety-Eight


  1. Helena Concannon · Author


  1. Dublin: Gill, 1919
  2. Dublin: Gill, 1920
  3. Dublin: Gill, 1930
  4. St. Louis: Herder, 1919
  5. St. Louis: Herder, 1920
  6. St. Louis: Herder, 1930