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Last Hours of Christian Women; or, an Account of the Deaths of Some Eminent Christian Women of the Church of England: From the Period of the Reformation to the Beginning of the Present Century.

  • religious models, not saints

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1B20305Lady Jane Grey
2B20306Catharine Parr
3B20307Mrs. Jane Ratcliff
4B20308Mrs. Elizabeth Dering
5B20309Lettice, Viscountess Falkland
6B20310The Right, Honorouble Susannah, Countess of Soffolk
7B20311Frances, Countess of Carbery
8B20312The Honorable the Lady Lucie Reynell
9B20313Elizabeth, Lady Capel
10B20314Lady Elizabeth Langham
11B20315Lady Jane Cheyne
12B20316Lady Mary Wharton
13B20317The Right Honourable Anne, Countess of Pembroke, Dorset, and Montgomery
14B20318Margaret Godolphin
15B20319Lady Margaret Maynard
16B20320Lady Elizabeth Brooke
17B20321Mary Evelyn
18B20322Frances Lady Digby
19B20323Queen Mary II
20B20324Anne Baynard
21B20325Lady Gethin
22B20326Lady Mary Hastings
23B20327The Right Hon. Lady Cutts
24B20328Anna Lady Halket
25B20329Lady Elizabeth Hastings
26B20330Mrs. Elizabeth Jones


  1. Rev. Henry Clissold MA · Author


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  2. London: SPCK, 1853
  3. New York: Pott, 1883?