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The Mothers of the Wise and Good.

  • mothers of great men
  • relatives of great women, female

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1B21648Monica and St. Augustine
2B21649Mother of Alfred the Great
3B21650Mother of John Ecolampadius
4B21651Mother of Francis Lord Bacon
5B21652Winifride, Mother of Bishop Hall
6B21653Mrs. Elizabeth Burnet
7B21654Rev. O. Heywood and his Mother
8B21655Mrs. C. Clarke’s Mother
9B21656Sir Isaac Newton’s Mother
10B21657Rev. Thos. Halyburton and his Mother
11B21658Dr. Samuel Johnson and his Mother
12B21659President Edwards and his Mother
13B21660Mrs. Wesley and her Children
14B21661Mrs Savage and her Children
15B21662Colonel Gardiner and his Mother
16B21663Dr. Coke and his Mother
17B21664Mrs. H. Woodd and her Son
18B21665Sir W. Jones and his Mother
19B21666Lady Glenorchy and her Mother
20B21667Rev. E. D. Jackson and his Mother
21B21668Robert Bloomfield and his Mother
22B21669Rev. John Newton and his Mother
23B21670Mrs. Chase and her Children
24B21671Mrs. Robinson and her Mother
25B21672Oberlin and his Mother
26B21673Mrs. A. Thornton’s Address to her Children
27B21674Mrs. Berry and her Children
28B21675General Washington and his Mother
29B21676Rev. J. Belfrage and his Mother
30B21677Rev. Richard Cecil and his Mother
31B21678Rev. Dr. Kidd and his Mother
32B21679Dr. Buchanan and his Mother
33B21680Rev. Dr. Dwight and his Mother
34B21681Baron Cuvier and his Mother
35B21682Rev. Legh Richmond and his Mother
36B21683Henry Kirke White and his Mother
37B21684Mother of Lucretia and Margaret Davidson
38B21685Mrs. Ramsay and her Children
39B21686Rev. William Thorp and his Mother
40B21687Miss Jane Taylor and her Mother
41B21688Rev. William Knibb and his Mother
42B21689Rev. Theophilus Lessey and his Mother


  1. Jabez Burns · Author


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