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Heroines of History: Typical Heroines of Mythology, of Shakespeare, of the Bible.

  • Biblical
  • literary heroines
  • mythology
  • Not=typology

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1B27510Mythology, its Origin, Development, and Influence
2B27511The Heroine-Mother: Thetis, Hecuba, Latona
3B27512The Heroine-Daughter: Antigone, Iphigenia
4B27513Shakespeare's Genius in the Dramatic Realm
5B27514The So-Called Heroines: Juliet, Ophelia, Beatrice, Rosalind
6B27515The Heroine-Daughter: Miranda, Cordelia
7B27516The Heroine-Mother: Constance, Volumnia
8B27517The Heroine-Wife: Portia, Lady Macbeth, Hermione, Imogen, Desdemona
9B27518The Scriptural Type of Heroism
10B27519The Heroine-Mother: Eve, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Jochebed, Hannah
11B27520The Heroine-Wife: The Ideal Home, Sarah, Deborah, Huldah, Abigail, Esther, Ruth
12B27521The Supreme Women-Heroic Mary:--The Mother of Jesus


  1. Frank Milton Bristol · Author


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