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The British Female Poets: With Biographical and Critical Notices.

  • national, several periods
  • Not=literary anthology
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1B11219Juliana Berners
2B11220Anne Boleyn
3B11221Catharine Parr
4B11222Lady Bergavenny
5B11223Countess of Arundel
6B11224Mary, Queen of Scots
7B11225Queen Elizabeth
8B11226Countess of Pembroke
9B11227Lady Elizabeth Carew
10B11228Katharine Philips
11B11229Duchess of Newcastle
12B11230Mrs. Anne Steele
13B11231Anna Williams
14B11232Elizabeth Carter
15B11233Mrs. Greville
16B11234Lady Anne Barnard
17B11235Miss Jane Elliot
18B11236Mrs Cockburn
19B11237Mrs. Anne Hunter
20B11238Susanna Blamire
21B11239Mrs. Mary Robinson
22B11240Mrs. Charlotte Smith
23B11241Anne Yearsly
24B11242Mrs. Grant of Laggan
25B11243Joanna Baillie
26B11244Maria Jane Jewsbury
27B11245Mrs. Hemans
28B11246Letitia Elizabeth Landon
29B11247Lady Flora Hastings
30B11248Mary Anne Browne
31B11249Charlotte Elizabeth
32B11250Mrs. Amelia Opie
33B11251Mary Russell Mitford
34B11252Mrs. Eliza Cook
35B11253Mrs. Sarah Henry Coleridge
36B11254Miss Lowe
37B11255Frances Kemble Butler


  1. George Washington Bethune · Author


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