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The Women of Scripture.

  • Biblical

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1B28513Women of the Patriarchal times. Eve - Sarah - Rebekah - Leah - Rachel
2B28514Women holding authority under the Mosaic dispensation. Miriam - Deborah
3B28515Female friendship. Ruth and Naomi
4B28516Maternal Piety. Hannah
5B28517Hospitality. The Shunamite
6B28518Female patriotism. Esther
7B28519Considerations on the influence of some of the Jewish customs on the condition of women
8B28520Humility. The Virgin Mary
9B28521Piety in old age. Elizabeth and Anna
10B28522Action and contemplation. The Sisters of Bethany
11B28523Inquiry and repentance. The woman of Samaria and "the woman who was a sinner"
12B28524Fidelity. Mary Magdalene and the heroines of the Cross
13B28525Christian benevolence. Dorcas and Lydia
14B28526Christian intelligence. Priscilla and Phoebe


  1. Clara Lucas Liddell Balfour · Author


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