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Ladies of the Reformation: Memoirs of Distinguished Female Characters, Belonging to the Period of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century . . . England, Scotland, and the Netherlands.

  • national, one era
  • sectarian (religious group)


1B10994Anne of Bohemia
2B10995Anne Boleyn
3B10996Anne Askew
4B10997Katharine Parr
5B10998Lady Jane Grey
6B10999Katharine Willoughby
7B11000Anne de Tserclas
8B11001Katharine Vermilla
9B11002Queen Elizabeth
10B11003Mildred Cooke
11B11004Anne Cooke
12B11005Katharine Hamilton
13B11006Helen Stark
14B11007Isabel Scrimger
15B11008Elizabeth Aske and Marjory Bowes
16B11009Elizabeth Campbell
17B11010Eliz Knox
18B11011Wendelmuta Klaas
19B11012Lysken Dirks
20B11013Mrs. Robert Oguier
22B11015Elizabeth Vander Kerk
23B11016Charlotte De Bourbon
24B11017Louise De Colligny


  1. Rev. James Anderson · Author


  1. London: Blackie, 1854
  2. London: Blackie, 1855
  3. Edinburgh: Blackie, 1855
  4. Glasgow: Blackie, 1855
  5. New York: Blackie, 1855
  6. New York: Blackie, 1857