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The Ladies of the Covenant: Memoirs of Distinguished Scottish Female Characters, Embracing the Period of the Covenant and the Persecution.

  • Scottish
  • sectarian (religious group)

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1B10968A. C., Marchioness of Hamilton
2B10969C. H. Boyd
3B10970Lady E. M. Culross
4B10971J. C., Viscountess of Kenmure
5B10972M. D., Marchioness of Argyll
6B10973J. R. Guthrie
7B10974M. M. Durham
8B10975J. M. Carstairs
9B10976A. H., Duchess of Hamilton
10B10977Marion F. Veitch
11B10978J. F. Livingstone
12B10979A. L., Duchess of Rothes
13B10980M. J. Crawford
14B10981B. C. Caldwell
15B10982M. W. Convill
16B10983C. R. Cavers
17B10984Isabel Alison
18B10985Marion Harvey
19B10986H. J. Hume
20B10987L. D. Campbell
21B10988Margaret Wilson
22B10989Margaret M'Lauchlin
23B10990A. M. Argyll
24B10991H. I. Campbell
25B10992G. H., Lady Baillie
26B10993C. H. Atholl


  1. Rev. James Anderson · Author


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