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Ten Women of the Olden Days: Who Have Influenced History to the End of Time.

  • Biblical

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1B28503Eve, "Mother of all Living"
2B28504Sarah, Mother of the Covenant Race
3B28505Rebekah, Mother of Israel
4B28512Rachel, Mother of the Family of Additional Promise
4B28506Asenath, Mother of the Birthright Tribe
5B28507Jezebel, Mother of Baalism in Israel
6B28508Sariah, Mother of the American Remnant of Joseph
7B28509Elizabeth, Mother of the Forerunner of Christ
8B28510Mary, Mother of Jesus the Redeemer
10B28511Tamar Tephi, Mother of King David's Dynasty in Captivity


  1. James Henry Anderson · Author


  1. Salt Lake City, Utah: Anderson, 1929