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Some Historic Women; or, Biographical Studies of Women Who Have Made History.

  • queens and royalty, Britain
  • queens and royalty, Europe
  • saints
  • Society or High Rank, French

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1B10837pt. 1. Woman as Patriot: Joan of Arc (Jeanne Darc)
2B10838Mme Roland
3B10839pt. 2. Woman as the Religious Enthusiast: Margaret, Queen of Scotland
4B10840St. Elizabeth, Queen of Hungary
5B10841St. Catherine of Siena
6B10842pt. 3. Woman as an Example of Fidelity: Lady Arabella Stuart
7B10843pt. 4:.Woman as Sovereign: Margaret of Anjou
8B10844Jeanne D'Albret, Queen of Navarre
9B10845Queen Elizabeth
10B10846Christina, Queen of Sweden
11B10847Maria Theresa, Empress of Germany
12B10848Louisa, Queen of Prussia. *Pop Chart


  1. William Henry Davenport Adams · Author


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