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Records of Woman: With Other Poems.

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1B10518Arabella Stuart
2B10519Bride of the Greek Isle
3B10520The Switzer’s Wife
4B10521Properzia Rossi
5B10522Gertrude: or Fidelity till Death Imelda
6B10523Edith, A Tale of the Woods
7B10524The Indian City
8B10525The Peasant Girl of the Rhone
9B10526Indian Woman’s Death-Song
10B10527Joan of Arc in Rheims
13B10530The American Forest Girl
16B10533The Queen of Prussia’s Tomb
17B10534The Memorial Pillar
18B10535The Grave of a Poetess
19B10536The Homes of England
20B10537The Sicilian Captive
21B10538Ivan the Czar
22B10539The Lady of the Castle
23B10540Corlan’s Prophecy
24B10541The Mourner for the Barmecides
25B10542The Spanish Chapel
26B10543The Kaiser’s Feast
27B10544Tasso and his Sister
28B10545Ulla; or the Adjuration
29B10547To Wordsworth
30B10548A Monarch’s Deathbed
31B10549To the Memory of Heber
32B10550The Adopted Child
33B10551The Birds of Passage
35B10553Körner and his Sister
36B10554The Death-Day of Körner
37B10555A Voyager’s Dream of Land
38B10556The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers in New England
39B10557The Effigies
40B10558The Departed
41B10559The Palm-Tree
42B10560The Child’s Last Sleep
43B10561The Sunbeam
44B10562Breathings of Spring
45B10563The Spirit’s Mysteries
46B10564An Hour of Romance
47B10565The Illuminated City
48B10566Roman Girl’s Song
49B10567The Spells of Home
50B10568The Distant Shop
51B10569The Graves of a Household
52B10570Mozart’s Requiem
53B10571The Image in Lava
54B10572Christmas Carol
55B10573A Father Reading the Bible
56B10574The Last Wish
57B10575Fairy Favours
58B10576Meeting of the Brothers
59B10577The Sisters
60B10578The Last Song of Sappho
62B10580Mignon’s Song
63B10581The Curfew-Song of England
64B10582The Call to Battle
65B10583Night-Blowing Flowers
66B10584The Wanderer and the Night Flowers
67B10585The Swan and the Skylark
68B10586Echo Song
69B10587The Muffled Drum
70B10588Genius Singing to Love
71B10589A Song of the Rose
72B10590Music at Deathbed
73B10591Marshal Schwerin’s Grave
74B10592The Fallen Lime-Tree
75B10593The Bird at Sea
76B10594Far Away
77B10595Kenee; or, Lament of an Irish Mother over Her Son
78B10597The Music of St. Patrick
79B10598The Lonely Bird
80B10599The Ivy-Song
81B10600The Necromancer
82B10601The Dying Girl and Flowers
83B10602Dirge at Sea
84B10603The Lyre and Flower
85B10604The Meeting of the Ships
86B10605Sister! Since I met Thee Last
87B10606Pilgrim’s Song to the Evening Star
88B10608The Harp of Wales
89B10609Druid Chorus on the Landing of the Romans
90B10610The Hirlas Horn
91B10611The Hall of Cynddylan
92B10612The Sea-Song of Gafran
93B10613The Lament of Llywarch Hen
94B10614The Green Isles of Ocean
95B10615Grufydd’s Feast
96B10616The Cambrian in America
97B10617Taliesin’s Prophecy
98B10618Prince Madoc’s Farewell
99B10619Howel's Song
100B10620Caswallon’s Triumph
101B10621Owen Glyndwar’s War-Song
102B10622The Mountain Fires
103B10623Eryri Wen
104B10624Chant of the Bards before Their Massacre by Edward I
105B10625The Dying Bard’s Prophecy
106B10626The Fair Isle
107B10627The Rock of Cader Idris
108B10628The Cid’s Departure into Exile
109B10629The Cid’s Deathbed
110B10630The Cid’s Funeral Procession
111B10631The Cid’s Rising
112B10632The Storms of Delphi
113B10633The Voice of Scio
114B10634The Spartan’s March
115B10635The Bowl of Liberty
116B10636The Urn and Sword
117B10637The Myrtle Bough


  1. Felicia Hemans · Author


  1. London: T. Cadell, 1828
  2. Edinburgh: W. Blackwood, 1828
  3. Boston: Hilliard, Gray, Little & Wilkins, 1828