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Memoirs of Eminently Pious Women, Who Were Ornaments of Their Sex, Blessings to Their Countries and Edifying Examples to the Church and World by Thomas Gibbons.

  • good character or deeds
  • print era, pre-1830


1B10274Lady Jane Grey
2B10275Catharine Parr
3B10276Jane, Queen of Navarre
4B10277Queen Mary
5B10278Countess of Suffolk
6B10279Lady Mary Armyne
7B10280Lady Elizabeth Langham
8B10281Countess of Warwick
9B10282Lady Elizabeth Brooke
10B10283Mrs. Margaret Andrews
11B10284Lady Alice Lucy
12B10285Lady Margaret Houghton
13B10286Mrs. Ann Baynard
14B10287Lady Frances Hobart
15B10288the Right Hon. the Lady Cutts
16B10289the Right Hon. the Lady Elizabeth Hastings
17B10290Mrs. Jane Ratcliffe
18B10291Mrs. Catherine Breterg
19B10292Lady Rachel Russell
20B10293Mrs. Elizabeth Burnet
21B10294Mrs. Elizabeth Bury
22B10295Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe
23B20204Mrs. Joan Drake
24B10296Lady Falkland
25B10297Lady Halket
26B10298Mrs. Rebecca Combe
27B10299Mrs. Gertrude Clarkson
28B10300Mrs. Mary Terry
29B10301Elizabeth West
30B10302Mrs. Ann Dutton
31B10303Mrs. Housman
32B10304Mrs. Hannah Woodd
33B10305Miss Gray
34B10306Miss Sarah Manwaring
35B10307Mrs. Margert Magdelene Althens
36B10308Lady Henrietta Hope
37B10309Lady Glenorchy
38B10310Lady Huntingdon
39B10311Mrs. Talbot
40B10312Mrs. Campbell
41B10313Lady Burford
42B10314Mrs. Isabella Brander
43B10317Mrs. Walker
44B10315Mrs. Middleton
45B10316Miss Henrietta Neale
46B10318Mrs. Humphreys
47B10319Mrs. Hutchinson
48B10320Mrs. Grace Bennet


  1. Rev. George Jerment · Author


  1. London: Ogle, 1804