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The Female Revolutionary Plutarch: Containing Biographical, Historical, and Revolutionary Sketches, Characters, and Anecdotes/by the Author of "The Revolutionary Plutarch" and "Memoirs of Talleyrand."

  • French
  • national, one era
  • print era, pre-1830

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1B27424Josephine Buonaparte, the revolutionary Empress of the French
2B27425Josephine Dessalines, the revolutionary Empress of Hayti
3B27426Madame Recamier
4B27427The Countess de Villeneuve de la Foret, the lunatic Widow
5B27428Madame de Stael von Holstein
6B27429The Furies of the Guillotine
7B27430Marianne des Hayes, the Lyonese Sufferer
8B27440Female Clubs
9B27441Madame de Genlis
10B27442The Balls of Revolutionary Victims and of Revolutionary Executioners
11B27443Madame Fouché, the Wife of the Minister of Police
12B27444Maria Farbé, the Humane Courtesan
13B27445Annette La Vigne, the Lyonese Orphan
14B27446Revolutionary Fashions
15B27447Martha Glar, the Swiss Heroine
16B10251Vol. 2: Marie Antoinette Josephe Jeanne
18B10253Queen of France and Navarre
19B10254The Queen of Spain
20B10255The Queen of Prussia
21B10256The Queen Dowager of Etruria
22B10257Madame Necker
23B10258Aimee C. Renaud, the Parisian Victim
24B10259Sophia and Henrietta de St. Marie, revolutionary Suicides
25B10260Madame le Grand, the Loyal Grenadier
26B10261Madame Momoro, the Goddess of Reason and Revolutionary Religions
27B10262Madame Tallien
28B10263Fraternal and Sisterly Banquets
29B10264Susan Sorel, the Female Atheist
30B10265Felicite Chaussee, the Generous Informer
31B10266Louisa La Ray, the Female Colonel
32B10267Louisa Carbinot, the Lyonese Daughter
33B10268The Countess de Sauvignac and Her Daughters, Vendean Victims
34B10269Adelaide Langenois, the Female Captain of Dragoons
35B10270French Revolutionary Boarding-Schools
36B10271The Countess de Villelume, the Filial Heroine
37B10272The Lunatic Maria Antoinette
38B10273Madame Lavergne, the Connubial Heroine


  1. Lewis Goldsmith Stewarton · Author


  1. London: Printed by J. Harding for J. Murray, 1806
  2. London: Murray, 1808