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The Roman empresses; or, the history of the lives and secret intrigues of the wives of the twelve Cæsars . . .

  • ancient or classical
  • queens and royalty, Europe

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1B10022Calpurnia, Wife of Julius Caesar
2B10023Livia, Wife of Augustus
3B10024Julia, Wife of Tiberius
4B10025Livia Orestilla, Lollia Paulina, and Caesonia, Wives of Caligula
5B27370Livia Orestilla, Wife of Caligula
6B10026Lollia Paulina, Second Wife of Caligula
7B10027Caesonia, Third Wife of Caligula
8B10028Valeria Messalina, Wife of Claudius
9B10030Agrippina, Second Wife of Claudius
10B10031Octavia, Wife of Nero
11B10032Poppea, Second Wife of Nero
12B10033Messalina, Third Wife of Nero


  1. Jacques Roergas de Serviez · Author
  2. Bysse Molesworth · Translator


  1. Dublin: George Faulkner, 1752
  2. London: R. Dodsley, 1752