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The History of the Nine Worthies of the World: three whereof were Gentiles, I. Hector, son of Priamus, King of Troy, II. Alexander the Great ..., III. Julius Cæsar ..., : three Jews, IV. Joshua ..., V. David ..., VI. Judas Maccabeus ..., : three Christians, VII. Arthur, King of Brittain, VIII. Charles the Great, Emp. of Germany, IX. Godfrey of Bulloign, King of Jerusalem : being an account of their glorious lives, worthy actions, renowned victories and deaths : illustrated with poems and the picture of each worthy

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  1. Nathaniel Crouch · Author


  1. London: Crouch, 1703
  2. London: Crouch, 1727
  3. London: Crouch, 1738
  4. London: Crouch, 1759
  5. London: Crouch, 1776