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Le Livre des dames The Book of the Ladies; or, Lives of Illustrious Dames. The Book of the Ladies (Illustrious Dames): With Elucidations on Some of Those Ladies by C.A. Sainte-Beuve.

  • Courtly circles, associated with royal sovereigns
  • French
  • national, several periods


1B09918Anne de Bretagne
2B09919Catherine de Medici
3B09920Marie Stuart, Queen of Scotland
4B09921Elizabeth of France, Queen of Spain
5B09922Marguerite, Queen of France and of Navarre
6B09923Mesdames, the Daughters of the Noble House of France
7B09924Madame Yoland of France
8B09925Madame Jeanne
9B09926Madame Anne
10B09927Madame Claude
11B09928Madame Renee
12B09929Mesdames Charlotte, Louise, Magdelaine, Marguerite
13B09933Mesdames Elisabeth, Claude, and Marguerite
14B09936Madame Diane
15B09937Marguerite de Valois, Queen of Navarre
16B09938Isabelle d’Autriche, Wife of Charles IX
17B09939Jeanne d’Autriche, Wife of the Infant of Portugal
18B09940Marie d’Autriche, Wife of the King of Hungary
19B09941Louise de Lorraine, Wife of Henri III
20B09942Marguerite de Lorraine, Wife of the Duc de Joyeuse
21B09943Christine of Denmark, Wife of the Duc de Lorraine
22B09944Marie d’Autriche, Wife of the Emperor Maximillan II
23B09945Blanche de Montferrat, Duchesse de Savoie
24B09946Catherine de Cleves, Wife of Henri I de Lorraine, Duc de Guise
25B09947Madame de Bourdeille


  1. Pierre de Bourdeille Seigneur de Brantôme · Author


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