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Les Femmes illustres ou les Harangues heroïques.

  • ancient or classical
  • Not=lecture(s) or sermon(s)

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1B09710Artemisa to Socrates
2B09711Mariamne to Herod
3B09712Cleopatra to Mark-Anthony
4B09713Sisigambes to Alexander
5B09714Sophonisba to Massinissa
6B09715Zenobia to her Daughters
7B09716Porcia to Volumnius
8B09717Berenice to Titus
9B09718Panthea to Cyrus
10B09719Amalasontha to Themodates
11B09720Lucretia to Collatinus
12B09721Volumnia to Virgilie
13B09722Athenais to Theodosius
14B09723Pulcheria to the Patriarch of Constantinople
15B09724Calphurnia to Lepidus
16B09725Livia to Mecenas
17B09726Cloelia to Porsenna
18B09727Octavia to Augustus
19B09728Agrippina to the Roman People
20B09729Sappho to Erynna


  1. Madeleine de Scudéry · Author


  1. Paris: Chez Antoine de Sommaville, 1642
  2. Paris: Chez Augustin Courbe, 1642