Women / Persons ~ P09717

Johanna Brandt

Alternate Names:
  • Johanna Brandt-Van Warmelo
  • Johanna Van Warmelo
Gender: Female
Life Dates: 18 November 1876 - 13 January 1964
  • Activist
  • Adventure, physical feat or survival
  • Author or presenter
  • Heroine in war
  • Nurse
  • Spy
  • Writer, Nonfiction
Note: This Person was a South African propagandist of Afrikaner nationalism. She was a nurse in the Irene Concentration Camp during the first phase of the Boer War. However, during the second phase of the war, she organized women to spy on British officers and to hide South African fugitives. She published pamphlets on natural remedies for health problems.
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