Women / Persons ~ P25340


Alternate Names:
  • Kshma
  • Kshmā
  • Kshmavati
Gender: Female
Life Dates: d. 1742 CE
  • Asian, South
  • Charity
  • Educator, professor
  • Indian (East)
  • Learning, sciences
  • Legendary
  • Martyr
  • Model of faith, piety
  • Saint
  • Wife, example of domesticity
  • Wife of notable man
  • Writer, Poetry
Note: A modern version of a Bengali poet and astrologer, medieval, born between the eighth and twelfth century CE...but this author, Bhattacharyya, places her in the eighteenth century, sacrificing herself in relation to the earthquake of 1742. A long footnote argues with previous biographers to the extent that I would not combine this figure with medieval entries
persons with degrees of separation from Kshmāvati