Women / Persons ~ P25334


Alternate Names:
  • Arundhatī
  • Sandhya
  • Sandhyā
Gender: Female
Life Dates: BCE
  • Asian, South
  • Beauty, celebrated
  • celibate, chaste or virginal
  • Daughter of notable man
  • Indian (East)
  • Legendary
  • Literary character
  • Model of faith, piety
  • Mother of notable man
  • Mother Who Has Lost a Child
  • Mythical
  • Philosopher
  • Prophet or visionary
  • Wife, Honorable and Dedicated
  • Wife of notable man
  • Wife with Great Influence on Husband
Note: Important mythic figure in Hindu scriptures, wife of the Vedic sage Vasishtha
persons with degrees of separation from Arundhati