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Mrs. Mary Eleanor Britton

Alternate Names:
  • Miss Mary E. Britton
  • Mary Ellen Britton
Gender: Female
Life Dates: 16 April 1855-27 August 1925
  • Activist
  • Activist, Civil Rights
  • Activist, Women's Rights
  • African American
  • American (US)
  • Journalist
  • Medicine (doctor)
  • Reformer, education
  • Reformer, political
  • Suffragette
  • Teacher
  • Writer, Nonfiction
Note: graduate from Berea; taught in the Lexington public school system; received MD from American Missionary College in Chicago, Illinois; practiced out of her home; founded Colored Orphan Industrial Home; supported women's suffrage and temperance, was anti-Jim Crow. Despite her activism she is also noted as having studied the now debunked racist 'science' of phrenology, though she was clearly committed to activism that would have combatted racism.
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