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Maria Cecilia Louisa Cosway

Alternate Names:
  • Maria Louisa Catherine Cecilia Cosway
  • Maria Luisa Caterina Cecilia Cosway
  • Maria Cosway
  • Maria Louisa Catherine Hadfield
  • Maria Cecilia Louisa Hadfield
  • Mrs. Richard
Gender: Female
Life Dates: 11 June 1760? - 5 January 1838
  • Artist, painter
  • Italian
  • Performer, Musician
  • Reformer, education
  • Sexual agency, transgression (hetero)
  • Wife of notable man
Note: wnm: "Catherine" was added in the National Gallery of Art, while "Hadfield" and "Richard" are in British Library.birth date generally given as 1759, wikidata gives the 1760 date; born in Florence, Italy and died in Lodi
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