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Love Stories of Old California.

  • Not=historical fiction
  • Sexuality, hetero

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1B18749I. Love Rides Into California 1775;
2B18750II. The First Lady's Divorce 1783;
3B18751III. Amatil and Olana 1799;
4B18752IV. Rezanov and California's First Nun 1806;
5B18753V. Guadalupe's Pirate 1818;
6B18754VI. San Diego's Runaways 1829;
7B18755VII. Yoscolo and Perfecta 1829;
8B18756VIII. Larkin's Romance of the Sea 1831;
9B18757IX. Hugo Reid's Indian Wife 1832;
10B18758X. Santa Barbara's International Wedding 1836;
11B18759XI. Los Angeles' Infernal Couple 1836;
12B18760XII. California's Worst Governor 1836;
13B18761XIII. California's First Princess 1840;
14B18762XIV. Reed of '46 1846;
15B18763XV. Tamsen Donner of the Bison Trail 1846;
16B18764XVI. Doña Ramona Conquers the Conqueror 1846;
17B18765XVII. The Sherman Rose 1850;
18B18766XVIII. Juanita of Downieville 1851;
19B18767XIX. Lola Montez and Patrick Hull 1853
20B18768XX. Joaquin, the Terrible 1853;
21B18769XXI. Mother of Mystery 1853;
22B18770XXII. Vasquez and Rosario 1873;
23B18771XXIII. Sharon's Rose and Terry 1881;
24B18772XXIV. Stevenson and Fanny Osbourne 1880.


  1. Cora Miranda Baggerly Older · Author


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