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Women in Battle.

  • military, heroines of battle
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1B18456Pt 1: Women Soldiers in General
2B18457Assault on a Male Bastion
3B184581429-1761: Gallic, Spanish, Dutch and British courage
4B184591776-1815: American and French Revolutionaries
5B18460The Maid of Saragossa
6B18461Officer's Sweetheart
7B184621827-1900: The Siamese Guards
8B18463Warriors of Dahomey
9B18464Girls of the Civil War
10B18465World War I: Gallantry at Pervyse
11B18466The Battalion of Death
12B18467The Countess of Dublin
13B18468World War II: A Variety of Valour
14B18469World War II and After: The Russians
15B18470Milica, Yugoslav Partisan
16B18471Bracha Fuld, Jewish Partisan
17B18472The Tiger Lady and Vietnam
18B18473Pt.2: Women Soldiers in Particular: Kit Welsh (Mother Ross) 1667-1739, The Pretty and Deadly Dragoon
19B18474Hannah Snell 1723-92, Heroic Marine of Pondicherry
20B18475Mary Hays (Molly Pitcher) 1744-1832, Girl at the Gun
21B18476Mary Anne Talbot 1778-1808, Most Tragic of Women Warriors
22B18477Lucy Brewer 1793-?, United States Marine
23B18478Loreta Velasquez 1842-?, Irrepressible and Irresponsible
24B18479Dr. James Barry 1795-1865, Forty-six Years in the Army
25B18480Dorothy Lawrence, Sapper in the Front Line
26B18481Flora Sandes 1876-1955, Idol of the Serbian Army
27B18482Liza Ivanovna Chaikina and Vera Krylova
28B18483Nancy Wake 1912- , Feminine Fury


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