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No Place for a Lady: Tales of Adventurous Women Travelers.

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2B18408Diligences, Douaniers and Baedeker's
3B18409Europe: On Tour with the Fair Sex
4B18410Russia: Realizing the Unrealizable
5B18411The Middle East: Desert Queens
6B18412Egypt: Leave Your Crinoline in Cairo
7B18413Africa: No Place for a Lady?
8B18414Arabia to Persia: A Desire for Danger
9B18415Lambs in Wolves' Clothing
10B18416India: Forgetting to Be Shocked
11B18417Oceania: The Round-the-Worlders Converge
12B18418Staying Alive
13B18419China, Japan and Tibet: Faith and Folly
14B18420North America: Trollopizing a Continent
15B18421Central and South America: Not for Namby-Pambies
16B18422Going Home


  1. Barbara Hodgson · Author


  1. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 2002