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Queenly Women, Crowned and Uncrowned.

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1B21230Wife of the Father of His Country (Martha Washington)
2B21231The Wife of Napoleon (Josephine)
3B21232The Wife of Luther (Catherine Von Bora)
4B21233Consecrated Talents (Hannah More)
5B21234The Missionary Heroine (Ann Hasseltine Judson)
6B21235The Model Queen (Isabella of Spain)
7B21236The Enigma of History (Mary, Queen of Scots)
8B21237The Female Howard (Elizabeth Fry)
9B21238An Angel of Mercy (Florence Nightingale)
10B21239Africa's Benefactress (Mrs. Ann Wilkins)
11B21240The Mother of Reformers (Susannah Wesley)
12B21241The Greek Matron (Penelope)
13B21242The Roman Matron (Cornelia)
14B21243The Indian Maiden (Pocahontas)
15B21244The Poetess of the Affections (Frances Sargent Osgood)
16B21245The Songstress of Liberty (Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
17B21246The Martyr Queen (Marie Antoinette)
18B21247The Female Girondist (Madame Roland)
19B21248Light Sown in Darkness (Charlotte Bronte)
20B21249The Missionary Poet (Emily C. Judson)
21B21250Walking with God (Mrs. Mary Fletcher)
22B21251Exalted Piety and Noble Rank (Lady Huntingdon)
23B21252Piety and Royalty (Helena, Duchess of Orleans)
24B21253The Martial Heroine (The Maid of Saragossa)
25B21254Foundress of a School for the Prophets (Mrs. Eliza Garrett)
26B21255The Champion of Freedom (Harriet Beecher Stowe)
27B21256The Female Sculptor (Harriet E. Hosmer)
28B21257The Female Painter (Rosa Bonheur)
29B21258A Political Authoress (Madame de Staël
30B21259The Patroness of Letters (Queen Elizabeth)
31B21260A Victim of Crime (Beatrice Cenci)
32B21261The Wife of a Patriot (Abigail Adams)


  1. Professor S. W. Williams M.A. · Author


  1. Toledo, OH: Hood, 1880s?
  2. Cincinnati: Cranston and Stowe, 1885