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Memoirs of British Female Missionaries; With a Survey of the Condition of Women in Heathen Countries. With An Introductory Essay on the Importance of Female Agency in Evangelizing Pagan Nations by Miss Thompson.

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1B17402Mrs. Coultart
2B17403Mrs. Wilson
3B17404Mrs. Harvard
4B17405Mrs. Mundy
5B17406Mrs. Norton
6B17407Mrs. Clough
7B17408Mrs. Jowett
8B17409Mrs. Kilham
9B17410Mrs. Stallybrass
10B17411Miss Bird
11B17412Mrs. Ellis
12B17413Mrs. M. Wilson
13B17414Mrs. Loveless
14B17415Mrs. Taylor
15B17416Miss Smith


  1. Thomas Timpson · Author


  1. London: Smith, 1841