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Biographical Sketches of the Lives and Public Ministry of Various Holy Women: Whose Eminent Usefulness and Successful Labours in the Church of Christ Have Entitled Them to Be Enrolled Among the Great Benefactors of Mankind: In Which Are Included Several Letters from the Rev. J. Wesley Never Before Published.

  • religious models, not saints

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1B19884Mrs. Susannah Wesley
2B19885Mrs. Mary Fletcher
3B19886Miss Sarah Lawrence
4B19887Mrs. Anne Gilbert
5B19888Mrs. Bathsheba Hall
6B19889Miss Grace Reed
7B19890Mrs. Sarah Grubb
8B19891Mrs. Jewitt
9B19892Miss Sarah Cox
10B19893Mrs. Mary Harrison
11B19894Mrs. Sarah Boyce
12B19895Miss Elizabeth Reeve
13B19896Mrs. Marsh
14B19897Mrs. Sibyll Best
15B19898Mrs. Mary Holder
16B19899Madame le Baronne de Krudener
17B19900Mrs. Elizabeth Evans
18B19901Mrs. Sarah Stevens
19B19902Madame Perrott
20B19903Miss Martha Williams
21B19904Miss Elizabeth Hurrel
22B19905Miss Elizabeth Dickinson
23B19906Mrs. Martha Routh
24B19907Miss Judith Land
25B19908Miss Hannah Parker
26B19909Mrs. Hannah Harrison
27B19910Miss Dorothy Ripley
28B19911Mrs. Martha Gregson
29B19912Miss Juliana White
30B19913Miss Savage
31B19914Miss Sarah Drury
32B19915Mrs. Hides
33B19916Miss Mary Brown
34B19917Mrs. M. Smith
35B19918Miss Ann Winfield
36B19919Mrs. Stevens
37B19920Miss Alice Cambridge
38B19921Miss Ann Lutton
39B19922Miss Emma Cottle
40B19923Miss Newman
41B19924Mrs. Rachel Blackburn
42B19925Miss Mary O'Bryan
43B19926Miss Ann Cutler
44B19927Miss Sarah Wilson
45B19928Miss Mary Sewell
46B19930Mrs. Sarah Crosby
47B19931Mrs. Elizabeth Collett
48B19932Miss Mary Hewett
49B19933Mrs. Mary Dudley
50B19934Miss Margaret Watson
51B19935Mrs. Elizabeth Clarkson
52B19936Mrs. Mary Wiltshaw
53B19937Miss Sarah Eland
54B19938Miss Elizabeth Dart
55B19939Miss Hannah Parrott
56B19940Mrs. Margaret Fox
57B19941Miss Ann Thompson
58B19942Mrs. Mary Lawrance
59B19943Mrs. Hainsworth
60B19944Miss Eliza Wilson
61B19945Miss Mary Tooth
62B19946Mrs. Jane Pearson
63B19947Mrs. Mary Neale
64B19948Miss Hannah Hunt
65B19949Miss Margaret Adams
66B19950Mrs. Mary Prideaux
67B19951Mrs. Ann Mercy Bell
68B19952Mrs. Elizabeth Holme
69B19953Mrs. Mabel Wigham
70B19954Mrs. Martha Williams
71B19955Miss Mary Gurney
72B19956Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson
73B19957Mrs. Deborah Wardell
74B19958Mrs. Jane Gee
75B19959Mrs. Elizabeth Rawlinson
76B19960Miss Ann Carr
77B19961Mrs. Catherine Phillips
78B19962Miss Ann Burrows


  1. Zachariah Taft · Author


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