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The World's Famous Women: A Series of Sketches of Women Who Have Won Distinction by Their Genius and Achievements as Authors, Artists, Actors, Rulers, or within the Precincts of the Home.

  • good character or deeds

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1B16182Charlotte Cushman
2B16183Maria Mitchell
3B16184Mrs. Trollope
4B16185Adelaide Phillips
5B16186Two Queens, the Daughters of James II of England
6B16187An Evening with Rachel
7B16188Josephine and Bonaparte
8B16189Lady Morgan
9B16190Maria Theresa
10B16191Lady Franklin
11B16192Madame de Miramion
12B16193Peg O'Neal
13B16194Mrs. L.M. Monmouth, and How She Lived on Forty Dollars a Year
14B16195Trial of Jeanne Darc, Commonly Called Joan of Arc
15B16196Harriet Martineau
16B16197The Wife of LaFayette
17B16198Betsy Patterson, Otherwise Madame Jerome Bonaparte of Baltimore
18B16199Some Ladies of the Old School
19B16200Toru Dutt
20B16201George Sand.


  1. James Parton · Author


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