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Daughters of Genius: A Series of Sketches of Authors, Artists, Reformers, and Heroines, Queens, Princesses, and Women of Society, Women Eccentric and Peculiar, from the Most Recent and Authentic Sources.

  • eminent models, modern periods
  • queens and royalty, Europe
  • writers

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1B16115Sally Bush
2B16116The Brontë Sisters
3B16117Queen Victoria
4B16118Elizabeth Barrett Browning
5B16119Mrs. Stowe and Uncle Tom's cabin
6B16120Miss Alcott
7B16121George Eliot
8B16122Princess Louise
9B16123Fanny Mendelssohn
10B16124Angelica Kaufmann
11B16125Baroness Burdett-Coutts
12B16126Girlhood of Queen Elizabeth
13B16127The Wife of Thomas Carlyle
14B16128The Wife of Benedict Arnold
15B16129Adelaide Procter
16B16130Lady Bloomfield
17B16131The Mother of Victor Hugo
18B16132Laura Bridgeman
19B16133The Wife of George Washington in her Workroom at Mount Vernon
20B16134Madame de Staël and Napoleon Bonaparte
21B16135The Wife of Frederick the Great
22B16136The Flight of Eugénie
23B16137Caroline Herschel
24B16138Charlotte Cushman
25B16139Maria Mitchell
26B16140Mrs. Trollope
27B16141Adelaide Phillips
28B16142Two Queens
29B16143the Daughters of James II of England
30B16144An Evening with Rachel
31B16145Josephine and Bonaparte
32B16146Lady Morgan
33B16147Maria Theresa
34B16148Lady Franklin
35B16149Madame de Miramion
36B16150Peg O'Neal
37B16151Mrs. L.M. Monmouth, and How She Lived on Forty Dollars a Year
38B16152Trial of Jeanne Darc, Commonly Called Joan of Arc
39B16153Harriet Martineau
40B16154The Wife of Lafayette
41B16155Betsy Patterson, Otherwise Madame Jerome Bonaparte of Baltimore
42B16156Some Ladies of the Old School
43B16157Toru Dutt
44B16158George Sand.


  1. James Parton · Author


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