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Woman in the Reformation.

  • religious models, not saints

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1B16087Woman in the Reformation
2B16088Margaretha or Gretchen Luther
3B16089Ursula Cotta
4B16090The Nuns of Nipstch
5B16091Katharine von Bora
6B16092Catherine Krapp
7B16093Anna Reinhard
8B16094Idelette de Bures
9B16095The Monastery of Konigsfeldt
10B16096Clara May and the Dominicans
11B16097Anne Askew
12B16098Elizabeth of Brandenburg
13B16099The Genevese Women
14B16100Elizabeth of Brunswick
15B16101The Three Catherines
16B16102Paula and Claudine Levet
17B16103Marguerite de Valois
18B16104Renee, Duchess of Ferrara
19B16105Olympia Morata
20B16106Jeanne D'Albret
21B16107The Women of Spain
22B16108Leanor de Cineros
23B16109Maria de Bohorques
24B16110Mother and Daughter
25B16111Charlotte de Bourbon
26B16112In the Netherlands
27B16113Katherine Willoughby
28B16114The Modern Reformation


  1. Magdalena Staupitz · Author
  2. Eva Gross · Author
  3. Emma Louise Parry · Author
  4. Elizabeth Kanitz · Author
  5. Eva Schonfeld · Author
  6. Margaret Schonfeld · Author
  7. Laneta Golis · Author
  8. Katherine Zeschau · Author


  1. Philadelphia: Lutheran, 1882