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Noble Deeds of the World's Heroines.

  • good character or deeds
  • military, heroines of battle
  • missionaries

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1B23322Alice Ayres and the Union Street Fire
2B23323Grace Bussell and the Wreck of the Georgette
3B23324Catherine Vasseur, the Heroine of the Noyen
4B23325Mary Rogers, and the Wreck of the Stella
5B23326Madeleine Blanchet, the Heroine of Buzancais
6B23327Hannah Rosbotham and the Children of Sutton School
7B23328Jane Chalmers; Alone Amongst Cannibals
8B23329Anna Hinderer, and the Gospel in the Yoruba
9B23330Ann Judson, Pioneer Woman in Burma
10B23331Sarah Judson, Pioneer Woman in Burma
11B23332Olivia Ogren, and an Escape from Boxers
12B23333Edith Nathan, May Nathan, and Mary Heaysman, Martyred by Boxers
13B23334Mary Riggs and the Sioux Rising
14B23335Mary Seacole, the Soldiers' Friend
15B23336Laura Secord, A Canadian Heroine
16B23337Lady Bankes and the Siege of Corfe Castle
17B23338Lady Harriet Acland. A Heroine of the American War.
18B23339Aimee Ladoinski and the Retreat from Moscow
19B23340Lady Sale and an Afghan Captivity
20B23341Ethel St. Clair Grimwood, and the Escape from Manipur
21B23342Three Soldiers' Wives in South Africa
22B23343Elizabeth Zane, a Frontier Heroine
23B23344Nellie Amos, a Friend in Need
24B23345Anna Gurney, the Friend of the Shipwrecked
25B23346Grizel Hume, the Devoted Daughter
26B23347Lucy Hutchinson, a Brave Wife
27B23348Lady Baker, an Explorer's Companion


  1. Henry Charles Moore · Author


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