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Famous Women of Vienna.

  • national, several periods

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1B20632A Queen of Vindobona [Anna Faustina]
2B20633Vienna's Fairy Godmother [Agnes, wife of Leopold III]
3B20634Bartered Brides [daughters of Rudolph of Hapsburg]
4B20635How Women Helped to Save Christian Culture
5B20636The Greatest Queen of All [Maria Theresa, daughter of Charle VI]
6B20637Marie Antoinette, Queen of France
7B20638Queen of the Two Sicilies [Caroline, daughter of Maria Theresa]
8B20639Napoleon's Wife [Marie Louise, Caroline's granddaughter]
9B20640A Daughter of the East [Baroness Marie Vetsera]
10B20641A Beautiful Queen of Sorrows [Empress Elizabeth]
11B20642The Last Empress [Zita]
12B20644Women Who Rose from the Soil: The Great Fanny [Ellsler]
13B20645The Mysterious Tänzerin [Eva Maria Violet Garrick]
14B20646A Queen of Comedy [Therese Krones]
15B20647"Arme Pepi" [Josephine Gallmeyer]
16B20648"The Gnädige Frau"[Kathi Schratt]
17B20650Two Aristocrats: A Literary Autocrat [Caroline Pichler]
18B20651A Society Dame [Pauline Metternich]
19B20652Women in General


  1. Dr. Jabez Alexander Mahan · Author


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