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Women Leaders.

  • eminent models, modern periods
  • occupational or career (20th c)
  • reformers, social workers

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1B15340Jane Addams, Pioneer in Social Justice and Peace, by Edna M. Baxter
2B15341Evangeline Booth, General of the Salvation Army, by L.B. Hazzard
3B15342Edith Cavell, Martyr Nurse, by J.W. Prince
4B15343Marie Curie. Eminent Scientist, by Lucile Desjardins
5B15344Amelia Earhart, First Lady of the Air, by W.A. Harper
6B15345Helen Keller the Handicapped, by Lucile Desjardins
7B15346Muriel Lester, Christian in Action and Creator of Good Will, by Edna M. Baxter
8B15347Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale, by S.P. Franklin
9B15348Florence Nightingale, Nurse-Philanthropist, by C.J. Lotz
10B15349Alice Freeman Palmer, Inspiring Teacher, by E.A. Leslie
11B15350Maude Royden, World Famous Preacher, by Laura H. Wild
12B15351Harriet Beecher Stowe, Well-Known Writer, by A.J.W. Myers
13B15352Susannah Wesley, Noble Mother, by J.W. Prince
14B15353Mary E. Woolley, Renowned Educator, by Grace S. Overton


  1. Philip Henry Lotz · Editor


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