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The Gift Book of Biography for Young Ladies.

  • eminent models, modern periods
  • young audience

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1B14977Princess Charlotte of Wales
2B14978Mrs. James Fordyce
3B14979Mrs. Hannah More
4B14980Miss Elizabeth Smith
5B14981Mrs. Rowe
6B14982Mrs. Elizabeth Carter
7B14983Lady Russel
8B14984Lady Jane Gray
9B14985Madame Lavater
10B14986Mrs. Flaxman
11B14987Mrs. Howard
12B14988Catherine De Bora
13B14989Concluding remarks


  1. Lydia Maria Child · Author


  1. London: T. Nelson, 1848
  2. Edinburgh: T. Nelson, 1848
  3. London: T. Nelson, 1849
  4. London: T. Nelson, 1850
  5. London: Nelson, 1854
  6. Edinburgh: Nelson, 1854