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Woman in France During the Eighteenth Century.

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1B14937Vol. 1: Madame du Maine
2B14938Countess of Verrue
3B14939Madame de Lambert
4B14940Madame de Tencin
5B14941Madame de Prie
6B14942Madame de Ferriol
7B14943Mademoiselle Aisse
8B14944Madame de la Popeliniere
9B14945Madame de Tencin
10B14946The Mistresses of Louis XV: Madame de Mailly
11B14947Madame de Vintimille
12B14948Madame de Chateauroux
13B14949Madame du Chatelet
14B14950Madame d’Epinay
15B14951Madame du Deffand
16B14952Mademoiselle de Lespinasse
17B14953Madame Geoffrin
18B14954Madame de Pompadour
19B14955Madame du Marchais
20B14956Madame du Barry


  1. Julia Kavanagh · Author


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