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Noble Women of Our Time.

  • reformers, social workers

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1B20127Miss Agnes Jones in the Hospital and the Workhouse
2B20128Mary Lyon and Her American Girls
3B20129Fidelia Fiske among the Persian Girls
4B20130Miss de Broen among the Communists of Paris
5B20131Miss Whately among the "Low Down" in Egypt
6B20132Miss Carpenter among the Ragged Children of England and India
7B20133Mrs. Bowen Thompson with the Daughters of Syria
8B20134Miss Macpherson among the Match-Box Makers
9B20135"Sister Dora" among the Sick and the Suffering
10B20136Miss Brennan among the Manx Poor
11B20137Frances Ridley Havergal Serving in Sweet Notes and "Message" Words
12B20138Catharine Tait among the Orphans and in All Loving Duty
13B20139Baroness Bunsen in the Pleasures, Pains, and Turmoil of Life
14B20140Mrs. Augustus W. Hare - "A Quiet Life"


  1. Joseph Johnson · Author


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